Semalt Expert Suggests 3 Ways To Overcome Internal SEO Challenges

SEO has changed from how it was done years ago. Today, it is mainly based on the websites content, the usability, and authority. In-house SEO is an integral part of modern SEO. It involves SEO operations achieved by a company through working with a dedicated team of specialists. It includes the web development team, the PR team, the content development team, the marketing team, the conversion optimization team to name but a few.

Merging all these teams together can be challenging. All of them have different goals and priorities. The role of in-house SEO has morphed into concentrating in coordinating and motivating people in the various teams.

Although the recent changes in SEO were much needed, they are very challenging. In the past, in-house SEO involved working in a small working space, stuffing keywords and backlinks and other low-quality tactics. These tactics used to work. Search engines no longer solely depend on them while ranking websites. Google's algorithm for ranking sites today checks the quality of the content, markup and page speed, reputable link bounds, etc.

The Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, Ivan Konovalov, describes three key ways that can be used to overcome the challenges that are associated with in-house SEO.

1. Planning Ahead

To be successful, you need a plan. Provide all the teams involved with a roadmap that you will use. Constantly communicate with them and let them know what is expected from them. A plan helps the teams top prioritize different tasks and to be prepared for any eventuality.

Tasks are also achieved within the scheduled time. It also helps to keep good relations because everyone knows what is expected of them.

2. Sell SEO Internally

Let every member of the teams involved understand that the key role of SEO is to make sales. Let them understand the main advantages that SEO will bring to your company. Notify them of the effects of the entire project to the organization including the negatives. If the team members understand the impact of the project, they will know what issues to prioritize and the number of staff that will be needed to finish the project successfully.

3. Reduce the Number of Dependencies

Every SEO campaign involves some dependencies. They help to meet the target of the campaign. However, reducing the number of dependencies helps to reduce workload and meetings time. It also increases the speed of your SEO results.

An organization that uses website development teams to make any website change tend to be ranked lower. They also use a lot of resources.

Websites that choose CMS to run the main website and a publishing form for the blog, which allow content developers to publish the content without using development teams tend to be ranked higher.

If you have any challenges as CEO of the in-house SEO campaign for your organization, do not lose hope. If you incorporate the three points discussed above, everything will be fine. They help to reduce any roadblocks that you could encounter and improve your SEO efforts.